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Unsigned Artist Promotion – 7 Ways To Market Yourself and Your Music Independently



Unsigned Artist Promotional Strategies For Independent Artists

Unsigned Artist Promotional Strategies For Independent Artists

You will be exposed to some unsigned artist promotional strategies that most successful independent artist use in the music industry today.

Are you an aspiring artist who wishes to belong to one of those big record labels in the music industry today? But you feel you cannot achieve that anytime soon – Why not sit back and strategies a way to market and promote yourself into the music industry without waiting for any record label to sign you.

There are several unsigned music artist who are doing well in the music industry today. Even some of the big and powerful record labels actually started as an independent artist. This is the reason this article is here to guide you on some unsigned artist promotional strategies they used before they became big music artist. Check them out below;

Uniqueness: Uniqueness is not only applied in the music industry today but also applies to other industries you can ever think of. Uniqueness is just like a free ticket to travel wide and far in the music industry today. Just quickly take some seconds to think about all the big music stars in the universe today. I bet! You will notice something unique about them. This uniqueness might be from either there voice, slang, production style, and so many others. Therefore a major factor for an unsigned artist promotion is his/her ability to prove it to the world he/she is different from every other artist out there. Once you able to achieve this, you will surely be recognized.

Social Media

The use of social media is one of the most common unsigned artist promotional strategy. The internet has made the world a social village where you can connect with almost anybody from any part of the world. The advent of social media handles like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and many have made this possible. As an unsigned music artist, it is a compulsory you build a solid social media presence, where by building your fan base in the process. Ensure you post regularly on your social media timelines to keep your fans and followers updated about any latest development about you. Post engaging content and also try as much as possible to ride trends. All these process will help you promote your music successfully on the internet.

Network with your peers

Networking is a fast growing method to build almost any industry in the world today where the music industry is not left aside. Why not make friends with other unsigned music artist in the music industry today. You guys should invite each other to different shows, collaborate with each other, and grow together. By doing this you all will end up exposing your self to a new fan base. You can’t tell which of you can change your lives positively and forever. Therefore this is yet another unsigned artist promotional strategy that should not be overlooked.

Perform at free shows: Here the goal is not to get paid for your performance but to show the world that a new talent is here. Take advantage of being an independent artist to build your fan base before getting a record label boss that will take control of you activities in the music industry. Ensure you try give out the best in you whenever you’re meant to perform at any of these free shows.

Tag The Bigger Music Artist: As an independent artist who really wants to market himself and his music to reach a wider audience – you must be able to work for it. Been on social media and updating your timelines is not enough. You are actually advised to always make freestyle videos showing your musical prowess and tagging those bigger artists you feel will appreciate and repost your videos. You may also instruct your fans and followers to help you tag these bigger artists which in turn call there their attention to your videos, it is either they repost your videos, get you signed or even sponsor you. There are a lot of unsigned music artist whom there lived changed completely using this particular promotional strategy.

Do Give Away: The culture of doing give away to attract more audience seem to grow by the day because it actually works. No doubt everybody loves free things and will be ready to do anything to get that thing for free. It could be airtime, money or any other valuable you feel your fan base will appreciate. You may also choose to post a freestyle and allow your fan and followers to repost and tag, then you reward those of them with the highest views, likes, comment, reactions e.t. c but some other day you may chose to this giveaway at random so as to keep things really balanced. At this point, you will realize the rate at which your followers will increase because such posts must have gone viral and attracted new people to your social media handles.

Promote Yourself and Your Songs On Blogs/Websites: The list of unsigned artist promotional strategies is not complete without including this part. Do you know getting your songs on entertainment websites like this will drive great attention to you? – imagine the amount of people that are coming here to get updates on the latest songs in the music industry regularly . Why not get your songs published on this blog and make yourself known to the world. This blog will write great reviews about you and your brand in other to give you the kind of exposure you need . For more, visit the contact page.

Conclusion: Even if there are other unsigned artist promotional strategy out there, it advisable you begin with the ones we have discussed in today’s article. Remember to always take actions so that the world will here your great voice. Good luck on your journey to become the next biggest music artist in the continent.
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