Nipsey Hussle’s Former Bodyguard Beats Up Wack 100


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Looks like Nipsey hussle’s former bodyguard J Roc might have been the one that beat up Wack 100

The incident reportedly happened backstage during the final night of Rolling Loud Los Angeles at the Banc of California Stadium.

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Although there’s no video of Nipsey hussle’s Bodyguard J Roc beating up Wack 100, there’s a video of him trying to get past a wall of people like he’s looking for someone and he clearly looks beaten.

There are claims that it might have been J Roc as Wack 100 is well known for saying trash about the late rapper Nipsey hussle.

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A few months ago, an audio of Wack saying that Nipsey’s alleged killer, Eric Holder, wouldn’t have been wrong for trying to kill Nipsey surfaced on the internet. In the video, Wack 100 essentially says that Holder’s alleged actions aligned with the code of the streets.

At another time, Wack 100 jumped on Adam22’s No Jumper podcast and insisted that Nipsey was not a legend at the time of his death.

People believed this might be the reason he got attacked.

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