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Homo sexual is a crime is a great taboo in akanchawa agbor Nigeria




Homosexuality, Two dead and one declared missing

There is a serious choas in Edo Benin city, as it concers the brutal beating of three by the angry youths.

The information had it that yesterday being 30th of April 2016 at exactly 7 pm, some of guys (3)were caught in an uncompleted building along new Benin by rail way having canal sex(homosexual). The angry youths who could do nothing but drag them out to the square where they thoroughly and mercilessly beating, holding it to the point that it’s a very great taboo for a man to sleep with his fellow man in Edo state,…

Homosexuality Two dead and one declared missing

Homosexuality Two dead and one declared missing

An eye witness from the community, told the news agency,that one was able to excap knowing the well what would be the outcome the Punishment, the victims were not given avenue to speak but rather tortured severely until they could lost breath.

Men of the police who got the information rushed down to the scene to save the remaining victims from the angry mobs, arrived very late, on arrival comfirmed one dead already while the cooperate died few minutes after rushed to the hospital..

As the investigation tarries it was gathered that the names of the two victims who are dead are, Frank Adesuwa, and Akugbe osai, while the escaped fellow is Anthony uwazuruike.

The community also have sworn that surely they will find Anthony uwazuruike, that he can’t run far from the crime and once seen will be killed to pay up for his crime, and his family have being forced out of the community, as mark of cleansing since their could not be found to pay for his crime and should not return to the community again…

The commissioner of police has also promised to return normality to the community again, and also advise the youths to resist such act as it’s just a crime before God but also before humanity, and the law is against it.

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